Monday, June 9, 2014

Thing #1: Blogging & Registering

Being 33 puts me in a constantly transitional standpoint when it comes to technology. I love the ease and convenience of my smartphone, but I grew up using landlines. I love watching shows like Cybill on Hulu Plus, but I still ultimately prefer physical media formats when I can get them. I feel receptive to advances in the e-book world, but I also love browsing Half Price's clearance section. On good days I feel open-minded, on bad ones indecisive. In some ways my father is more progressive than me - it's thanks to him that I own a Roku and an iPad in the first place.

So what do I hope to get out of this program? I have experience maintaining a blog, so I think I'm good there. I also feel marginally (ha) proficient in navigating my iPad. I think, though, that I can still use as much practice as I can get. I also know my ideas of what is hip and current are probably already outdated, so working on these mobile things will hopefully bring me a little more up-to-date. Whatever happens, though, I don't see myself becoming a Snapchat addict...